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This is PipGenius
A creative Dashboard for better Trading

When you enter the business of trading forex, either you are a beginner or an experienced trader - there is something you always want, and that is control. PipGenius Dashboard helps you having better control. Get a complete overview of your trades and also use built-in tools and strategy that can be traded manually, semi-auto or full auto
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PipGenius Is designed with the user in mind. Making all as accessable as possible.


You trade with manual strategies using the built in indicators, or on full Auto


It is built to work on the MT4 Terminal, for trading in the forex market


We will answer your questions to the best of our ability.

Live Test

We wanted to show how PipGenius trade. This is on full Auto with no interference. On real you want to pay attention to news and sometimes close before weekend, but we want to just let this run to see how it goes. Default settings! Click in graph to se more details.
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