Got questions?

Here you will find the answer to the most common questions asked about PipGenius TradeManager. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, feel free to send us an email and we will answer you to the best of our knowledge.

  • How much money do I need to trade  the PipGenius TradeManager?
    If you are trading manually there is no problem to start with $100 and 0.01 lot on a std. account. If you go full auto, we recommend $1000 and 0.01 start lot. But there are no guaranties! If you want to trade Auto with less tan $1000, use a cent account.

  • What kind of accounts can I trade PipGenius on?
    You can trade on both Demo and Real accounts during the subscription period.

  • Can I use it on ECN accounts?
    Yes you can use it on ECN, classic, cent or pretty much every account type there is.

  • May I trade all pairs?
    The PipGenius can be traded on the 25 currency pairs that is on the frontend buttons.

  • Do I have to think about spread?
    Ideally the spread should be as low as possible, remember that it steals from your profit. It is easy to calculate, if you use a broker where the spread is 5 pip higher on average in comparison to another broker, and you are trading at $1 a pip- you are missing out on $500 pr. 100 trades taken. And this is money you want

  • Can I start PipGenius and just let it run without doing anything?
    Yes you can in full auto, but it is always recommended paying attention to big news and other happenings that may cause big moves. There is also a question on your settings and size of your account. If your account is big enough for your settings, you may just let it run.

  • For how long may I use i
    You can use it for as long as you want when you have an active subscription, If you unsubscribe you have access for the active period and then it will stop working.

  • Can I backtest?
    No, this is a multi-currency EA and that makes backtesting difficult and not close to real results. Forward test on demo and learn along the way.

  • What Happens after I subscribe?
    When you have subscribed you get an email containing the setup file with  the 7 Day Free and User Manual to test, and if it turns out this was not for you, just unsubscribe before period finishes and it would cost you nothing! When you want to continue to use it, just do nothing and you will automatically get a new period for only $28 /Month. You will get a new setup file to your registred email for every period, this way you will always have the latest version.

  • When do I get the email after I subscribe?
    We send it as soon as we see the subscription, but if we for some reason is not capable to get it sent to you within 24h from you signed up, you will get a month for free as an apology. Please make sure to check your spamfilter also.

  • How about Support?
    When you subscribe to  PipGenius you get free support and latest version. 

  • Will I get rich?
    Well… only time will tell 😉