PipGenius Trading

IF you are wondering how you are going to approach the Forex Market and find your way to make a share of the trillion dollar a day market that forex is, PipGenius is a fantastic tool that may help you with just that. PipGenius is a dashboard that helps you to trade with confidence in your decisions.



PipGenius adapts to your trading preferences. If you are a beginner or an experienced trader, it is all there for you to use. PipGenius makes the decisions easy.

How to do it

Choose auto or manual

Follow the rules

Watch how it trades

PipGenius scans 20 different pairs and 5 optional that you can choose, it is looking for the best setups all the time. Gone is all the searching and opening of x number of windows to find setups, just press the button with the desired pair and it takes you there. Auto or Manual? You choose… it’s all there! Either you are a beginner or an advanced trader PipGenius helps you to the next level.

The Systems

You always see which system is active, and you switch at a click of a button. Everything is made to be effective and to your convenience.






And the fantastic part of it...  you can use all this for free, that’s right – You Just enter the details below and you  can install a full version of PipGenius that you can use for a month. When you make money using PipGenius that month, you simply pay a small fee of the amount you made and we send you a new activation code for next month. If you do not want to use PipGenius any longer than that month, you keep your earnings and PipGenius deactivate. If you make no money you pay nothing!  No need to wait, go try it now.


Curves to Love

There are never any guaranties but there are no such feeling when the balance curve are looking like this after a trading day. Try it for your self - maybe you will find out soon enough!

Enter details

Download setup

Follow instructions

Go Trading

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